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Job opening: Investment Analyst

What we do


Carbon Equity is the world’s first platform for Alternative Climate Investments. Through the Carbon Equity platform, we offer small-ticket access to the world’s leading climate investment funds. We focus on multiple asset classes including venture capital, private equity, private debt and real assets.

Carbon Equity offers the opportunity to maximize the climate impact of one’s investible savings. Individuals invest alongside the world’s best climate investors, benefiting from venture-type returns while mitigating financial risk through a high degree of diversification.

Why we do what we do


At Carbon Equity, we believe there is no greater cause within our lifetime than fighting climate change.

This fight requires action at every possible level — government regulation, taxation, consumer and corporate behavior, paradigm shifts, cultural shifts and massive investments into technology, just to name a few. Carbon Equity focuses on the latter.

To change consumer and corporate behavior at scale, we need to build equally good alternatives through increased climate technology investments. Think about Oatly, for example. By offering an equally good alternative to cow milk, Oatly has swayed millions of people to oat milk🥛. Now that is moving the needle!

So why did we decide to focus on investing rather than building the next Oatly ourselves? Because, like it or not, money still makes the world go round — capital ultimately decides resource allocation.

This led us to ask ourselves the question: How can we best leverage capital to mitigate climate change?

We came upon an interesting discovery. The vast majority of innovation needed to fight climate change is happening in private markets, where early-stage tech companies are being funded by venture capitalists. At the same time, the majority of mature companies transitioning from fossil fuel-dependent resources and business models to net-zero emissions are also private. This means that the majority of climate innovation, and therefore value creation, are in private markets.

However, to date, private market investing has only been accessible to institutional investors and ultra-high net worth individuals, which makes private markets untouchable to people like you and me (non-professional or retail investors). This excludes you and me from the massive value creation opportunity in private markets and it leaves a huge amount of capital away from climate tech.

Carbon Equity is deadset on fixing this broken system.

The planet needs every dollar out there to transition towards a net-zero economy, and we can build a more equitable economic society while doing so.

Your mission


We invite you to join us on our mission impossible. You will help us build the very best investment product offering by helping us identify, engage and diligence the world’s best climate funds. And, you will help us build our rocket ship by supporting other projects, such as marketing, product development, regulation, financial modeling or whatever else suits your interest!.

Role and responsibilities

We are looking for a stellar performer who is excited about both climate and fund investing and is located in the Netherlands. Key deliverables will be:

  • Drive the financial and impact due diligence of funds, including active contact with the best climate funds out there (in close collaboration with the broader investment team)
  • Lead sourcing projects such as market mapping of specific niches within the private market climate impact investing landscape
  • Support our investor communication by tracking and writing about the investments our funds have made into kickass climate tech companies

Your qualifications

  • You have a master’s degree and a GPA that you’re proud of
  • You have superior analytical skills — you have proven your analytical capabilities in earlier projects and love to really dig into the nitty-gritty details (both qualitative and quantitative)
  • You are self-motivated and proactive — you don’t wait for instruction but hit the ground running and aren’t afraid to ask for help or pitch your own ideas
  • You are a strong independent thinker — you have an opinion and will stand your ground in a discussion
  • You are a team player — you like working in teams and know how to conduct yourself with a fund or client

What’s in store for you


Let’s be honest, joining a startup in our early stage has pros and cons. The con is that you have to figure out a lot of shit yourself, you will not seamlessly fit into a well-oiled machine. You kind of have to build the machine yourself. That then of course is the big pro. You get to build the machine yourself 🧰🛠️. Now that is impact. The impact you will have in building a super early stage startup will never be greater. You get to join all internal and external discussions, you get to learn by doing and you get to set the rules and build the groundwork for a future Unicorn 🦄 or Zebra 🦓 or … well you get to decide just how successful we will be and how much impact we will have. 

  • Work at a freshly funded Fintech with endless ambitions
  • Headquarters located in The Next Web West (Amsterdam), close to the Vondelpark
  • Full-time position with stock option plan
  • Annual company offsite abroad

Who’s already aboard the rocketship 🚀

  • Jacqueline is the mother of all ideas. Too many, if you ask me 😎. She is also a skilled storyteller which helps bring home the goodies (as in investment dollars and customers). Jacqueline founded and built several companies before, including De Kleine Consultant, Lamudi (a Rocket Internet real estate marketplace in Southeast Asia) and TrueMoney (a Fintech company in Southeast Asia). She also worked several years in Private Equity, most recently as a partner at Venture Capital firm Peak Capital.
  • Lara more or less single-handed built the healthcare investing empire of Philips with almost a billion dollars under management. Lara is responsible for anything investing strategy and all things regulatory and operations. She is the undisputed queen of execution.
  • Jeff is our very own master of scale. Jeff has a degree in Environment and Resource Management (now these are the skills the world needs). He spent a couple of years with VandeBron and most recently led Marketing for Ecochain, one of the leaders in the European footprinting industry. Jeff loves to dig deep into what makes our target customers move.
  • Liza is our inhouse Einstein/chief scientist/and master of Impact. Liza personally safeguards that anything we do helps us meet our mission of moving the needle on climate change. She spent several years with McKinsey primarily working on energy transition and sustainability, and she’s spent some time at the Dutch association of sustainable investors (VBDO) after writing her thesis on sustainable finance. She’s also been helping an awesome initiative called Follow This for many years, uniting Shell’s shareholders to push for more decarbonization. 
  • Tim is the kind of internet entrepreneur who was hacking away in high school and started his first business before the age of 18. Tim has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and was a founder and CTO to SmartPR, Nouncy and several other tech startups. Tim is the master of the MVP and will at every bend in the road ask what are we building for who and why. First think, then build.
  • Wiebe has a black belt in fund investing. Having spent over 11 years with AlpInvest (the fund investing arm of The Carlyle Group) and five years of JP Morgan in London, he is a private equity veteran.
  • Bas is our latest investing superstar. He survived over six years of training at AlpInvest and is now taking the wheel on the Carbon Equity investing team. Bas brings a wealth of experience in fund selection and a strong network. We also leverage his commercial mindset to keep the investment dollars flowing in.
  • Carolina is our Peruvian Swiss investment analyst rockstar. She recently graduated magna cum laude from her Bachelor’s degree and has been a rising star at Carbon Equity ever since.
  • Michael joins us after driving copy and content at MessageBird. Made in the USA, former aspiring radio host, and former creative agency copywriter, Michael brings a whole lot of new energy and creative inspiration to the Carbon Equity team.
  • Alex is our compliance hero, helping Lara get every single customer through our process and approved to invest. Next to working at Carbon Equity, Alex is pursuing a Bachelor’s in PPLE at the University of Amsterdam. 
  • Bas (the second, aka Bassie) is our Founder Associate, aka the commercial daredevil, chief organizer and getting things done mascotte. Bas has some entrepreneurial blood in his veins, founding the Sustainable Students Consultancy during his time at school, and applies the same thinking to our little rocketship.

How to apply 👋


Send your resume, a full transcript (grades per course for bachelor and master degree), and a brief motivation to AND by June 7th!

The process


Assessment: on June 10, we’ll invite selected candidates to do a one-hour assessment, which can be done at your own convenience, to be completed by June 14

First round: one June 16, we’ll let you know whether you passed on to the first interview round, which will take place on June 20 or 21.

Final round: final candidates will be asked to complete a business case between June 23 and 27, and present their work in a final interview during the week of June 27.

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