Digital Product Designer (UI/UX)

Digital Product Designer (UI/UX)

Join our product team as its first designer and work on making private equity impact investing inspiring and accessible. You will translate our (WIP) brand identity into a functionally pleasant (and pleasantly functional) digital product experience for our (aspiring) customers.

Dare to define the digital product design function in a freshly funded impact startup? 

Our fledgling organization has achieved some major milestones without anyone truly in charge of design, but we are eager to change that while we can. 

Let’s have a chat and explore the opportunity together! 

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Early version of the impact investor app you and the team will be building.

About us


We believe that everybody should have the ability to use their capital to fight climate change. The best way to do this is by investing in companies that are solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

This is why we made it our mission to open up the world of private market investing to allow a new generation of investors to invest in true climate impact.

To do this, we need to remove the traditionally high barriers to private equity investing. Only then can we unlock the power of the masses and allocate even more capital to the innovative companies that are key to solving the climate crisis.

Carbon Equity is building the leading climate investment platform. A platform that makes private equity and venture capital accessible by removing traditional jargon, mechanics, and complexities. We enable people to pick their specialist team of investors to invest for them, so they can sit back, relax and enjoy how their capital is making a real climate impact.

We are a solidly funded company (€3M), allowing us to grow rapidly to accomplish our mission. We are currently a team of 10, soon-to-be 15, nicely diversified across finance, impact, business, marketing and technology.

The challenge


Private equity investing has a tradition of being dull, numbers-driven and ridden with confusing terminology. Our challenge is it to design a customer experience that is quite the opposite: inspiring, story-driven and accessible.

We are building an app that takes an investor on their own personal climate impact investing journey, engages them by sharing the inspiring and innovative stories that are funded by their investment and encourages them to invite others to join in for the climate revolution.

Our product team (currently consisting of backend developer, frontend developer, copywriter and marketeer) is very aware of the value of design, and how it is not (only) about making things look good but rather about making things friendly, easy and comprehensible for the target customer. While this is currently a shared responsibility within the team, we need you to come in and own it.

About you

You have what it takes to go from rough feature idea to detailed product design:

  • You have first-hand knowledge of how digital products are being built: the required competencies, the typical process and tool chain.
  • You enjoy wrestling with a problem and tirelessly mocking up various ideas until you finally get to this magical moment where it suddenly all clicks and from the complexity and chaos a simple and elegant solution arises.
  • You are aware that amazing digital product design is about nailing the intersection of how things work and how things look, and that the two are hard to excel on in isolation. In other words: being good at UX design is not enough, nor is being good a visual or graphic design. You need to be able to marry the two.
  • You have a good understanding of design systems and their purpose.
  • You are at home in Figma and eager to get acquainted with low-code website builders such as Framer Sites and Webflow.
  • You have a good intuition of how software works and how to communicate effectively with an engineer.
  • You may not be proficient in HTML, CSS (Tailwind) or JavaScript, but they scare you neither.
  • You have at least three years of experience in a full-time professional digital design role.
Your focus on digital product is deeply grounded in a more generalist knack for design:
  • You have a profound understanding of the value of design in an online business environment and why it is different from designing for print or other contexts.
  • You have a strong sense of typography, visual language, color and composition. Your eye for detail is well calibrated – you know when it can make the difference between good and great versus when it is holding you back from making meaningful progress.
  • You are intimately aware that good design requires excellent communication. You speak English fluently – Dutch is considered a plus.
You are deeply, personally excited about what we are building:
  • You have a clear motivation for getting involved in impact investing.
  • You are aware of your own private climate journey and keen to share it.

The offer

  • Work at a freshly funded startup in a newly formed team of ambitious young professionals.
  • Headquartered in TNW West near Rembrandt park and Lelylaan train station.
  • Competitive salary and stock option plan (depending on professional experience, both in terms of years and skill set).
  • Annual company offsite abroad.
  • Very flexible environment. Bottom line: as long as you bring what the company needs, and in a way that also works for the rest of the team, nobody really cares how you make it happen. If you would like to work four days instead of five, or if you prefer to work from home on a regular basis, or anything else that you feel you need to be productive, we can discuss it. It’s the output that matters.
  • Work on the biggest problem ánd opportunity of our lifetime. Spend your time on something that matters. Be part of the solution.

Who’s already aboard the rocketship 🚀

  • Jacqueline is the mother of all ideas. Too many, if you ask me 😎. She is also a skilled storyteller which helps bring home the goodies (as in investment dollars and customers). Jacqueline founded and built several companies before, including De Kleine Consultant, Lamudi (a Rocket Internet real estate marketplace in Southeast Asia) and TrueMoney (a Fintech company in Southeast Asia). She also worked several years in Private Equity, most recently as a partner at Venture Capital firm Peak Capital.
  • Lara more or less single-handed built the healthcare investing empire of Philips with almost a billion dollars under management. Lara is responsible for anything investing strategy and all things regulatory and operations. She is the undisputed queen of execution.
  • Jeff is our very own master of scale. Jeff has a degree in Environment and Resource Management (now these are the skills the world needs). He spent a couple of years with VandeBron and most recently led Marketing for Ecochain, one of the leaders in the European footprinting industry. Jeff loves to dig deep into what makes our target customers move.
  • Liza is our inhouse Einstein/chief scientist/and master of Impact. Liza personally safeguards that anything we do helps us meet our mission of moving the needle on climate change. She spent several years with McKinsey primarily working on energy transition and sustainability, and she’s spent some time at the Dutch association of sustainable investors (VBDO) after writing her thesis on sustainable finance. She’s also been helping an awesome initiative called Follow This for many years, uniting Shell’s shareholders to push for more decarbonization. 
  • Tim is the kind of internet entrepreneur who was hacking away in high school and started his first business before the age of 18. Tim has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and was a founder and CTO to SmartPR, Nouncy and several other tech startups. Tim is the master of the MVP and will at every bend in the road ask what are we building for who and why. First think, then build.
  • Wiebe has a black belt in fund investing. Having spent over 11 years with AlpInvest (the fund investing arm of The Carlyle Group) and five years of JP Morgan in London, he is a private equity veteran.
  • Bas is our latest investing superstar. He survived over six years of training at AlpInvest and is now taking the wheel on the Carbon Equity investing team. Bas brings a wealth of experience in fund selection and a strong network. We also leverage his commercial mindset to keep the investment dollars flowing in.
  • Carolina is our Peruvian Swiss investment analyst rockstar. She recently graduated magna cum laude from her Bachelor’s degree and has been a rising star at Carbon Equity ever since.
  • Michael joins us after driving copy and content at MessageBird. Made in the USA, former aspiring radio host, and former creative agency copywriter, Michael brings a whole lot of new energy and creative inspiration to the Carbon Equity team.
  • Alex is our compliance hero, helping Lara get every single customer through our process and approved to invest. Next to working at Carbon Equity, Alex is pursuing a Bachelor’s in PPLE at the University of Amsterdam. 
  • Bas (the second, aka Bassie) is our Founder Associate, aka the commercial daredevil, chief organizer and getting things done mascotte. Bas has some entrepreneurial blood in his veins, founding the Sustainable Students Consultancy during his time at school, and applies the same thinking to our little rocketship.

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