Michael Frieseke


Webinar | Decarbonization Fund I Q&A Session

The climate challenge that the built environment faces is as large as challenges come. Building emissions are currently responsible for ~40% of all global emissions. We need to get to zero within the next 30 years, by building new buildings at net-zero (and at scale) and decarbonizing the existing building stock. Sounds hopeless?


Webinar | Why you should be excited about the climate private equity opportunity

Climate private equity has seen an unprecedented rise over the past 2 years — buoyed by an increasing sense of urgency to accelerate the energy transition, a rise of corporate and government net zero commitments, and breakout successes of climate tech companies like Solugen, Form Energy, Aurora Solar and Rivian. First movers have already joined …

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Carbon Equity team

Head of Investor Relations

Head of Investor Relations What we do   Carbon Equity is the world’s first platform for Alternative Climate Investments. Through the Carbon Equity platform, we offer small-ticket access to the world’s leading climate investment funds. We focus on multiple asset classes including venture capital, private equity, private debt and real assets. Carbon Equity offers the …

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