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To reach true net-zero, we need tech that doesn’t yet exist. This requires us to identify and invest in the most promising startups tackling todays biggest challenges. Carbon Equity is doing this by connecting investment funds and individuals who want to put their money to work. We provide a strictly curated offering of the best in class climate venture capital funds with the expertise and trackrecord to select tomorrow’s winners. Investing in venture capital funds gives our investors the opportunity to take ownership in the transition to net zero while enjoying the upside return of venture capital. 



Double impact

Why choose? Our curated climate funds go through our proprietary double due diligence process to select funds with the highest climate/return ratio.


Access to venture capital funds has remained limited for those who want to participate. We are changing this by offering access at low entry tickets.


Investing in funds allows you to be exposed to multiple startups at once, decreasing your risk and increasing your change of investing in a winning solution.

Additional diversification

Diversify your investment portfolio by adding alternative investments to the mix. 

Domain experts

Sustainability is complex and picking a winner is hard. Trust industry experts to make the best investment decisions for you.    

Long term allocation

No need to worry about selling your assets on a daily basis. Our funds will put your mind to ease while you invest with a long term horizon.

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