Meet the Manager series | Shayle Kann

The Meet the Manager webinar series features outstanding climate fund managers who will be part of the Carbon Equity Decarbonization Fund 1 portfolio.

In this new edition of the Carbon Equity Meet the Manager webinar series we will sit down with Shayle Kann (Energy Impact Partners – Deep Decarbonization Frontier Fund).

Shayle Kann is a partner of Energy Impact Partners and a renowned writer and speaker on the future of energy. He has spoken at conferences around the world, testified in front of U.S. Congress, and is regularly cited in outlets including the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Economist, and Bloomberg. You can also find him as a host of the popular energy transformation podcast The Interchange.

Energy Impact Partners – Deep Decarbonization Frontier Fund
The Frontier fund invests in the most cutting edge climate technologies on the planet, including Boston Metal, the world’s first company to create zero-carbon steel using electrolysis, Form Energy – which develops grid-scale battery storage and Nitricity which decarbonizes fertilizer, to name but a few…

Shayle discusses his views on how capital can move the needle on climate change, his vision for the Frontier Fund, his investment strategy and the investments he is most excited about.

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