85 frontrunners join Decarbonization Fund 1 to use their capital to fight climate change

decarb. Fund close
  • This is the first close of Decarbonization Fund 1, now it targets €25 million
  • The fund brings five to seven curated private equity funds together, which gives investors access to high-impact, diversified investments into climate technology
  • Invest in top-tier, private climate funds with minimums as low as €100,000

AMSTERDAM, February 14, 2022 – Carbon Equity, the fintech platform democratizing private climate investing, announces the successful first close of its Decarbonization Fund 1, securing commitments of €15 million. 

Investors in the fund include founders from companies like Vandebron, Funda and Exact, highlighting the focus of top entrepreneurs and professionals using their capital to move the needle on climate change.

Decarbonization Fund 1 will continue to unite individuals who want to put money into decarbonizing the global economy — by investing in and building fast-growing climate tech companies worldwide.

For types of investments within the fund, Carbon Equity points to the first approved fund, Energy Impact Partners’ (EIP) Deep Decarbonization Frontier Fund, which targets early-stage, revolutionary technologies to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero economy.

By investing in the Carbon Equity Decarbonization Fund I, investors effectively become part owners of EIP investment companies like:

Overall, the fund offers exposure to a broad range of technologies required to reach a net-zero economy in segments like agrifood-tech, the urban environment and energy. It will invest in both early-stage innovations at the cutting edge of climate tech and later-stage investments that focus on full-blown commercialization and growth.

“It’s crucial to lower the barriers of investment into climate tech,” said Jacqueline van den Ende, Cofounder and CEO at Carbon Equity. “By allowing more people to invest in decarbonization technology and infrastructure, we allocate more capital to the world’s best climate solutions.”

The climate funds within Decarbonization Fund 1 normally require entry tickets in the millions. By aggregating the individual investments, Carbon Equity reaches these high fund thresholds.

This allows investors exposure to more than 75 climate tech companies, which creates significantly more diversification and less risk versus a single fund investment — and a unique investment opportunity to decarbonize our economy.

Disclaimer: Carbon Equity currently only markets to Dutch and Belgian investors

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