Webinar | Why you should be excited about the climate private equity opportunity

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Climate private equity has seen an unprecedented rise over the past 2 years — buoyed by an increasing sense of urgency to accelerate the energy transition, a rise of corporate and government net zero commitments, and breakout successes of climate tech companies like Solugen, Form Energy, Aurora Solar and Rivian.


First movers have already joined in on the climate private equity opportunity, and this webinar will detail how you can too.

Sit down with our private equity experts Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-founder and CEO, Wiebe Visser, Senior Investment Advisor, and Bas van Beijeren, Investment Manager, to discover:

🗺  The macro-economic perspective of climate investing (it’s massive!)
⚡️  The emergence and growth of climate tech investing as a discipline
📍  Deep insights into the climate
venture capital and growth equity landscape
📊  The risk, return and cah flow profile of climate funds
♻️  How to assess greenwashing versus actual impact

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