Meet Our team

Jacqueline van den Ende

Founder & CEO
Jacqueline is the mother of all ideas and a great storyteller. At Carbon Equity she is responsible for building the team and getting our story out to the public.

I am an entrepreneur cum investor passionate about building high-impact ventures. I have been on all sides of the fence of the entrepreneurial equation. As a founder of De Kleine Consultant and Rocket Internet-backed Lamudi – the largest online real-estate marketplace in South East Asia, I learned the grit and hustle of building a company from scratch. As an investor at HAL Investments – a EUR 12.5bn private equity firm and as a partner at European Seed-stage fund Peak Capital, I learned how money moves the needle and how it catalyzes change. As a fintech scale-up CEO for Ant Financial backed TrueMoney in South East Asia I learned how to steer a large company through growing pains. At Carbon Equity all three perspectives are critical to understanding how we leverage capital to build and scale a net-zero economy from scratch.

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Tim Molendijk

Founder & CTO
Hacker–founder. Internet enthusiast. Startup entrepreneur. Tim makes the internet and the internet makes him back, making him the perfect lead of our product development.

Intrigued by the power of computers since the age of eight, when my parents bought our family a PC. Wrote my first little software programs at age 12 and ever since the internet arrived in our home a few years later I haven’t looked back.

I have started up a wide range of businesses, from banner-fueled websites in 1999 to a web hosting company right in the middle of the dot com bubble, to a successful SaaS straight out of university, and a moonshot B2C app that instead of landing us on the moon ended up taking us many other interesting places (among which YCombinator). 

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Lara Koole

Founder & CIO
High energy, high results. That pretty much sums up our queen of execution. Lara is responsible for all aspects of our Investing strategy, regulatory and operations.
Macro-economist, financial advisor, corporate change maker, venture investor, (hopefully inspiring) mother and gadget fan gone entrepreneur! Working on doing my part in building a better, more sustainable and frankly also beautiful future. Passionate about technology, making capitalism work for everyone and saving the climate. 

Founded and co-ran the new corporate venture capital group of Royal Philips, investing globally in digital health start-ups and healthcare focused VC funds.

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Jeff Gomez

Founder & CPMO
Jeff is our very own master of scale. He loves to dig deep on what makes our target customers move to be sure we are building products that our customers love.
Career long climate advocate who started several climate startup initiatives. With a background in environmental sciences he gained experience at Vandebron and Ecochain where he led the marketing department as head of growth.  
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Liza Rubinstein

Founder & Head of Impact
Liza is our own scientist. She personally safeguards that anything we do helps us meet our mission of moving the needle on climate change.
I spent several years with McKinsey primarily working on energy transition and sustainability. I’ve worked with an awesome initiative called Follow This and I’m an advisor of the city of Amsterdam on Climate Strategy.
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Wiebe Visser

Investment Advisor
Investor by profession, food technologist by heart. Wiebe is our internal investment advisor who gained his experience and skill during 5 years at J.P. Morgan and 10 years as principal at Alpinvest.

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Meet Our Advisors

Robert Jan van Ogtrop

Founder of Circle Economy | Board Chairman of African Parks | Investor | Building the foundation for a circular society

Occo Roelofsen

Founding Partner Power2x | Former Senior Partner McKinsey & Company, Chair energy practise

Heleen Dura van Oord

Co-Founder Vivid Ventures | Founding Partner of Future of Food & Peak Capital | Investor | Supervisory board member

Joost van Meerbeeck

Managing Director SUSTINVEST | Board member at HAL Investments | Sr. Fund Advisor Tikehau, ForestEffectFund, 4Impact

Steven Zwaan

Co-founder CLMT Partners | Technology entrepreneur | Co-founder Renewable Infrastructure Company Asia

Ferry Heilemann

Co-Founder Pirate Impact | Co-Founder Leaders for Climate Action | Co-Founder Forto | Venture partner Earlybird VC

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