Carbon Equity's Ambassadors Program

Double your impact.
Lower your fees.

Do good by investing better, together

You can now invite friends and family to invest alongside you — to effectively double (or triple or quadruple) your impact while reducing the fees for everyone.

Our Ambassador’s program is mission-critical to connect more investors and more capital to climate companies. 

The more capital you bundle, the more climate tech you help scale!

How it works

You invest EUR 150.000 in Decarbonization Fund I. Then, you refer a friend who has not previously invested through Carbon Equity. They invest EUR 100.000, making your totaled investment amount EUR 250.000. This qualifies for fee tier 1 for Decarbonization Fund 1, meaning you both pay the 0.65% per year. 

Direct access to one fund

  • Fee tier 1: EUR 500.000+   0.40% per year
  • Fee tier 2: EUR 250.000-500.000   0.50% per year
  • Fee tier 3: EUR 100.000-250.000   0.65% per year

Portfolio of funds

  • Fee tier 1: EUR 250.000+   0.65% per year
  • Fee tier 2: EUR 100.000-250.000   0.75% per year

Request your Ambassador Code

Receive your personal Ambassador Code by filling in the form below.


You can invite friends and lower your fee as long as the first capital call of the fund is not announced/requested yet. When you are requested to transfer your first investment amount, your fee for that product is set for the full duration of the fund. 

You can still double your impact by inviting someone to join our mission! Your fee will remain unchanged and the person you invite will benefit from the lowest fee tier too.

As many as you want — double, triple or quadruple the impact of your money! The discount will be applied to everyone you invite directly.

No. While you can always invite your friends, the discount will only apply to the same fund you have invested in yourself.

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