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Carbon Equity selected Astanor Ventures to provide our investors with access to a top agrifood tech fund.

Astanor Ventures

“Our mission as impact investors is to find, support and scale the most disruptive, impactful solutions to accelerate progress towards global sustainability targets.”

HQ Luxembourg
Founded 2017
Stage Early stage (A+B)

Investment highlights

First mover advantage

Recognized leading partner for disruptive agrifood tech entrepreneurs

Team & Network

Highly credible team with a strong global network of advisors and ecosystem partners

Excellent track record

Successfully raised 264mln and invested in 28 now leading agrifood tech companies

Astanor Ventures

Why the time to invest in agrifood tech is now

The 9.3 trillion dollar agrifood market is already changing fundamentally, and we believe this change will only accelerate in the coming years. Heightened awareness and information transparency are accelerating consumer demand for healthy and planet-proof food. Food system incumbents are on the lookout for new innovations to achieve their ambitious sustainability strategies. Policies such as the 2020 EU Farm-to-Fork strategy will further create the market conditions for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system.

Today we already see that after mobility, most climate tech unicorns arise in the food vertical. Beyond Meat, Ynsect and Infarm are telling examples. The investments in climate tech AgriFood already doubled over the last year to 11B US and we are expecting much more growth to come.


of global GHG emissions


biodiversity loss in 50 years


of global water use


poor nutrition across the world


of farmworkers live in poverty

The world has woken up to the pressing need to move to a new agrifood system, a shift that can only be started by entrepreneurs free from the inertia that slows down large incumbents. Thanks to these disruptors, agrifood can be transformed from one of the leading causes of social and environmental harm into the greatest regenerative solution.

As an early-stage impact investor in the agrifood sector, Astanor is facing multiple challenges: investing in technology driven solutions that can scale rapidly to respond to today’s urgent climate and social crisis, supporting their companies over the long-term to scale their positive impact with growth and quantifying Astanor’s contribution to global goals in a transparent and honest way. 

Key solutions

Market size
of opportunity

Alternative Protein

Expected to reach $290b by 2035, capturing 11% of the protein market. Plant-based seafood expected to reach $1.9b by 2031.

Precision Agriculture

Precision irrigation: expected +2.5x by 2027 resulting in a $21b market. Agri robotics: expected +4x by 2026 resulting in a $ 21.1b market.


Biofertilizers: expected +2x by 2027 resulting in a $ 3.28b market. Biopesticides: expected +2x by 2025 resulting in a $ 8.5b market.

Sustainable Packaging

Expected +1.5x increase by 2026 resulting in a $470.3b market.

Bio-Based Materials

Expected +6.4x increase by 2026 resulting in a $85.2b market.

Food Tracability

Expected +2x increase by 2026 resulting in a $27.2b market. 

Why Astanor is leading the way

Astanor Ventures will mobilize capital and innovators to transform the agrifood sector on a global scale. They are leading the way on 5 main areas:

First mover advantage

Astanor is a recognized leading partner for disruptive agrifood tech entrepreneurs. They are successfully fundraising and deploying capital across key agrifood tech segments since 2017. Astanor raised €264 for their Good Harvest Ventures 1 fund. This is currently invested in 28 portfolio companies who – in under 3 years– became the gold standard of agrifood tech.

Team & network

Your partner team of experienced investors, managers and entrepreneurs

Astanor Ventures is lead by a very skilled partner team supported by a broad network for sourcing & diligence. The partners have a divers background of leading positions at organizations like:

Eric Archambeau
Eric Archambeau Co-Founder
George Coelho
George Coelho Co-Founder
Christina Ulardic
Christina Ulardic Partner
Hans Marteau
Hans Marteau Partner
Hendrik van Asbroeck
Hendrik Van Asbroeck Partner
George Powlick
George Powlick Partner
David Barber
David Barber Partner
Emmanuel Faber
Emmanuel Faber Partner / Ex-CEO Danone
Kathleen A. Merrigan
Dr. Kathleen Merrigan Partner
Excellent track record

In under 3 years, Astanor's portfolio has become the gold standard in agrifood tech

Astanor has build up a solid track record of 28 portfolio companies through their Good Harvest Ventures 1 Fund including 3 companies who received an unicorn* status.

*a unicorn is a startup that is privately-owned with a valuation exceeding $1 billion.

Antoine Hubert | Co-founder & CEO Ynsect

Astanor's expertise, network & global advisors in deep science, marketing, manufacturing & finance help us strenghten our governance, manage complex industrial projects & attract the best co-investors.

Insect ingredients for animal feed

Biodegradable seaweed packaging

Fully-electric autonomous trucks

Microplastics replacements

Plant-based produce protection

Impact approach

Astanor envisions a sustainable food system that is not only climate-neutral, but also planet-friendly, nourishing, regenerative and delicious. The fund targets true transformation, like building new supply chains from scratch, and goes the full mile to support entrepreneurs in the process.


Aiming to regenerate food systems, shorten value chains and innovating processes and materials, the fund has identified a set of 20 priority areas, like food waste and plant-based ingredients. For each, it does extensive research to identify the best solutions and find the most promising entrepreneurs that build them.



During diligence, the fund assesses the alignment of founders with Astanor’s mission and principles, as well as a company’s impact potential, to come to an investment decision. Post-investment, Astanor supports companies to do a full life-cycle analysis (LCA) of its products and acts as an impact advisor through quarterly impact calls and by sharing an extensive library of best practices and tools.



Carbon Equity Impact Score
Astanor Ventures achieved a very high score in Carbon Equity’s proprietary impact diligence. You can review the scorecard after requesting more info.

Regulatory edge

A rapidly growing industry requires the investment team to be ahead of the curve. Astanor is building a leading community of advisors and organizations to stay on top of key food, agricultural & health regulations and standards.

Why invest via Carbon Equity

Jacqueline van den Ende| Co-founder & CEO Carbon Equity

What does it all matter if we won't have a livable planet in fifty years?

We believe that everybody should be able to use their capital to make a real climate impact. Carbon Equity allows investors to participate in top-tier climate funds by lowering entry barriers to private equity.

High climate impact

Through a single fund investment, invest in dozens of companies which are moving the needle on climate change.

Exclusive Access

Access to Astanor usually starts in the millions. We aggregate our investors' tickets to lower minimums to €100k.

Outperform public markets

Achieve better than public market returns while building a better future.

Easy like sunday morning

Carbon Equity offers a pain free investing experience. Sign up and let us do the magic.

How does it work

Request access to more information

You can request access to all fund documentation including our climate due diligence (summary), full fund deck and the term sheet. 

Introduction call with our investment team

After requesting more information we will reach out for a short introduction call. In this call we want to make sure that any unanswered questions are being addressed. 

Reserve your allocation to the fund

After reviewing all documents you can decide to invest via the “invest” button on this page or the URL in the information room. By reserving your allocation, you are sure of allocating into the fund (as long as the fund is still open). 

Formally onboard and subscribe to the fund

By the end of January all investors will be requested to start the onboarding process. This process will require you to identify yourself in our onboarding portal, this can take up to 10 minutes. 

More information

Carbon Equity climate dilligence

A summary of our proprietary climate diligence scorecard.

Key fund documentation

An in-depth overview of the feeder fund + term sheet

Terms & conditions

Feeder target sizeEUR 5,000,000
Sector focusAgrifood tech
Target net return (MOIC)2x
Setup fee (one-off)1%
Annual management fee0.65%
Start RaiseDecember 2021
First CloseFebruary 2022
Fund lifetime:10 years
Minimum investmentEUR 100,000

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General Climate & Fund updates

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Agrifood tech feeder

Closed 100%
Target return  x2
Duration 10 years
Stage Early stage 
Feeder size 5 million

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