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Why invest in Decarbonization Fund 1

Secure exposure to more than 100 climate tech companies across industries — from early-stage innovations to later-stage commercialization. You get to diversify your portfolio, mitigate the risks of a single fund investment and help decarbonize the economy.

To make sure your money has an impact, we do deep diligence on top-tier investment teams and select the best to research, negotiate and manage your investment into highly vetted climate tech companies for you. 

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Your investment teams at a glance​

Own fast-growing climate tech companies

Develops multi-day, large-scale energy storage technology

Makes plant-based, nutritious whole cuts of meat (i.e chicken breasts)

Turns steel production into a fully electrified process

Creates biomaterials from agricultural waste to replace single-use plastics

Designs industrial heat pumps that decarbonize heavy industry

Produces on-site fertilizer from air, water and renewable electricity

Access via Carbon Equity

Jacqueline van den Ende | Cofounder & CEO Carbon Equity

What does it all matter if we won't have a livable planet in fifty years?

I believe that everybody should be able to use their capital to make a real climate impact. Carbon Equity allows you to invest in top private climate funds by lowering the minimums from millions to thousands.

Unique access

Gain access to expert-selected investment opportunities in privately held climate companies, previously unreachable for everyday investors.

Highest Impact

Your capital has its greatest impact when invested in privately held companies moving the needle on climate change.


Tap into the #1 value creation opportunity of our generation. Diversify your investments, secure long-term results and fund the future you want.


Let our experienced team do the work for you, so you can sit back and follow the impact your money makes.

Carbon Equity's

Decarbonization Fund 1

Invest now and become part of a highly motivated group of investors ready to fight climate change with their capital.

How does it work

Request access to all fund info

Start by requesting access to all documentation (i.e. climate due diligence, full fund deck and term sheet). Our investment team will reach out for a short intro call and answer any unanswered questions. 

Reserve your allocation

Once you are ready to invest, click on the “Invest” button here or the URL in the information room. Once you reserve your allocation, your spot in the fund is official.

Formally onboard

All confirmed investors will then be contacted to identify themselves and get onboarded into our investment portal.

Terms & conditions

Target size: EUR 25m
Number of fund investments: 5-7
Setup fee: 1%
Annual management fee: 0.75%
Start raise: October 2021
First close: February 2022
Next close: July 2022
Investment period: 18 months
Fund lifetime: 13 years
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Decarbonization Fund 1

Filled 99%
Target return 10-15% per year
Duration 13 years
Funds 5-7
Size 25 mn

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Energy Impact Partners - Deep Decarbonisation Frontier Fund I

Fund size
350m USD

Seed to Series B

This fund invests in early-stage, deep decarbonization technologies (hardware) across the globe to solve the tough-to-decarbonize problems.

Hans Kobler
Hans Kobler Managing Partner
Shayle Kann
Shayle Kann Partner
Ashwin Shashindranath
Ashwin Shashindranath Partner

By investing in the Decarbonization Fund, you can own and enable:

Seriously cheap, compact, scalable fusion reactors.

Zero-carbon steel production.

Breakthrough multi-day large-scale energy storage technology.

Renewable net-zero nitrogen fertiliser production.

Low-cost large-scale green hydrogen production.

True decarbonization impact: Hard-tech focus on most difficult to decarbonize segments

Unique “multi-corporate venture capital” platform: renowned energy transition firm leveraging knowledge and commercial footprint of corporate investor network

Strong team: Managed by knowledgeable, high-profile team supported by large in-house research & BD capability

Exciting start of the fund: Visibility on promising initial investments

Fund size
350m EUR

Seed to Series B

Astanor is an impact investor focused on technology transforming the agrifood value chain from soil and sea — to your gut. 

Eric Archambeau Co-Founder
George Coelho Co-Founder
Christina Ulardic Partner
Hendrik Van Asbroeck Partner

By investing in the Decarbonization Fund, you can own and enable:

Plant-based whole cuts

Biomaterial to replace plastic

Bee-free honey

Manufacturing for fermentation front-runners

Food tech platform that enables more profitable decisions

Strong impact-driven mandate: Make sustainable and regenerative food systems key to our net-zero future

Proven model: Built a compelling 30+ company portfolio with already some early winners in Fund I

Vertical focus: Specific sector expertise, credible brand well positioned to attract the best and most impactful deals

Excellent team: Highly complementary experienced partner team, combining scientific expertise with strong investment track records

Fund size
200m USD

Pre-seed to Series B

Setting a new standard in venture investing that prioritizes true climate impact through catalytic climate tech investments.

Matthew Nordan General Partner
Dr. Johanna Wolfson General Partner
Amy Duffuor General Partner

By investing in the Decarbonization Fund, you can own and enable:

Industrial heat pumps to decarbonize heavy industry

Note: We will update you as soon as more investments have been made!

Spin-off out of Prime Coalition: the leading institution in catalytic climate impact investments

Strong proof through Prime Impact Fund: its PIF strategy resulted in high-impact companies & strong financial results

Optimizing for true climate impact: thorough additionality assessments to ensure investments have impact

De-risked catalytic capital: risk of early-stage climate investments is shared with a catalytic investment vehicle, which sets a foundation for a commercial follow-on vehicle

Fund size
200m USD

Early-stage to pre-growth

Focused on clean energy tech investments that have the potential to mitigate 2.5 gigatons of CO2 emissions by 2050.

Dan Goldman Managing Partner
Dr. David Miller Managing Partner
Temple Fennell Managing Partner

No investments have been made into this fund yet. The investment themes include clean energy production, energy management and energy efficiency.

Note: We will update you as soon as more investments have been made!

Fully decarbonization-focused: clear impact mandate of 2.5 Gt GHG reduction potential by 2050 per company

Strong network: an extensive network of co-investors, LPs and strategic partners to source the best deals

Experienced team with strong technological expertise: extensive cleantech expertise and technical backgrounds in the team

Strategy & financial performance validation: continuation of its Fund I strategy, which is showing early signs of success

Fund size
600M USD

Growth Equity

Lightrock focuses on Investments that bring net-zero innovations to the masses.

Pål Erik Sjatil
Pål Erik Sjatil CEO & Global Managing Partner
620e890c42d784397182ae85_Kevin Bone_bw
Kevin Bone Partner
Umur Hursever_bw
Umur Hursever Partner

By investing in the Decarbonization Fund, you can own and enable:

Industrial electrolyzers for hydrogen and e-fuel production

Linear generators to support a net-zero carbon electric grid

Sustainable wood products for retail and commercial real estate

Solution increasing energy efficiency and longevity of data servers

High-quality carbon offset projects and climate advisory services

Decarbonization-focused growth fund: filling the funding gap for European climate tech start-ups looking to scale

Seeded climate portfolio: 6 investments made, which show decarbonization potential and strong opportunities

Experienced team: senior team with a sizeable group of investment professionals in Europe and a global impact platform

Anchor investors in place: substantial progress in fundraising, with significant anchor support from the LGT Private Bank sustainability transition and GHG emissions reductions

Fund size
300M USD

Series A & B

ArcTern is a Canadian venture capital firm aiming to build a sustainable global economy by investing in early-stage companies that help decarbonize the highest GHG emitting sectors such as energy, manufacturing, transportation and food.

Murray McCaig Co-founder & Managing Partner
Marc Faucher Managing Partner
Mira Inbar Partner

No investments have been made into this fund yet. The investment themes include energy, manufacturing, transportation and food.

Note: We will update you as soon as more investments have been made!

Established team, cleantech expertise: early investors in cleantech startups with deep market experience and network

Strong impact mandate: highly mission-driven team with a clear focus on the sustainability transition and GHG emissions reductions

Strategy & financial proof: Fund II executed a similar strategy as the upcoming fund, with early signs of success

Backed by credible investors: high-caliber investors want to reinvest, including banks and pension/sovereign funds

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