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Select your investment focus

You choose between a diversified set of funds or one fund focused on the companies that matter most to you.

Investments are aggregated

Your capital is bundled with other investors to let you reach the requirements of investing with first-class investment teams.

The climate journey begins

Your investment team invests for you so you can sit back, relax and follow the impact of your climate companies.

Investment process

Fund diligence

We map and track top-tier climate funds globally based on our proprietary climate impact assessment and financial diligence. Before we offer you access to a fund, the investment must unanimously be approved by our (external and internal) Investment Committee.

Pick your investment strategy

You can choose to invest in a single fund containing 10-20 climate companies or let us make a selection of 5-7 funds for you to maximize your diversification with exposure to ~100 climate tech companies. Both options start at 100k.

Investments aggregated for access

The average minimum investment into a top-tier climate fund is in the millions. We bundle your capital with other investors to reach the high capital requirements to invest in these funds.

Experts invest for you

Your selected investment team uses their expertise to research, invest and manage your investment in highly vetted climate tech companies.

Your climate journey begins

Sit back, relax and watch your climate companies grow. Receive notifications on the impact, performance and other key milestones of all of your portfolio companies.

Carbon Equity - Feeder flow

Pick an investment strategy

Our platform aggregates your investment

Investment in climate companies

Carbon Equity Fund lifecycle

The first capital call
will draw the full
investment amount

Full return of
committed capital
could in this
model already
happen in year 7

 All numbers mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. No guarantee or reliance can be given on any of the projected returns.

Investment lifecycle

Capital calls

A capital call is the request to transfer your committed investment amount so we can meet our obligations to the underlying fund(s). The first capital call will be 10% of your commitment with a minimum of 100k.

Cash distributions

Cash distributions back to you start when there is a liquidity event — where the shares in portfolio companies are (partly) sold or the company is brought to the public market through an initial public offering (IPO).

Investment horizon

The average investment horizon of your investment is 5 years. During these years, the fund will invest ~50% of the committed capital to underlying companies. The remaining 50% will be reserved by the fund to make follow-on investments in portfolio companies most likely to succeed. This means that by year 5 the first investments of the fund could reach the next stage in their growth journey (sale or IPO) leading to the first cash distributions.

Full return of capital

Committed capital, plus realized return, is returned to the investors via cash distributions. In this example, distributions start from year 5 and reach a break-even point in year 7, where the full commitment amount is already returned to the investor. The rest is upside.


Will your focus on climate impact hurt my financial return?

With our impact-first approach, we select the funds that invest in companies building the technology and solutions for countries, corporates and consumers to achieve their net-zero commitments, regulatory requirements or lifestyle choices. In many industry segments we are only at the beginning of the transformation that needs to happen, so demand and pull for the right alternatives will only increase. Therefore we believe our impact-first strategy will deliver above-market financial returns and the return of a liveable planet.

Why are you aggregating my investment with others?

Private market funds (not listed on the stock exchange) typically have high entry barriers. The average minimum investment into a single fund is EUR 1-5 million, further the market is in-transparent and requires specialist knowledge to find and select the top-tier funds.

What is the difference between a Carbon Equity feeder and a Carbon Equity fund?

With a feeder, we offer an investment into a single curated climate fund for instance in an attractive or high-impact vertical. Our fund offers a portfolio of climate funds, where we diversify across different industry segments and risk profiles. Depending on your risk appetite and total investable assets, you can decide to invest in the product that best fits your own personal investment preferences.

Venture capital is a high-risk investment, can I lose my money?

While high returns are never guaranteed, VC and PE funds do structure each deal and their overall portfolio’s to protect against downside risk. You can also opt to invest in one of our Fund of Funds vehicles, that further diversify the risk across multiple funds. We advise, however, to never invest your total investment capacity in 1 fund or asset class.

How are funds selected by Carbon Equity?

We build strong relationships with the VC managers to understand their selection methodology, climate impact, theory of change, approach to realising value in the portfolio (e.g. level of support, executive/expert network and follow-on syndicates) and track record. We combine this with our proprietary climate due diligence framework to see how their theory of change is aligned with our climate investment thesis.

What does it mean to invest via Carbon Equity?

Carbon Equity only offers top-tier private market funds with a focus to decarbonise the planet. We pool investments through our Carbon Equity investment vehicles. This means that all capital calls, distributions and fees are paid through our investment vehicles. To ensure secure and efficient fund investment & management we work with best in class partners such  as Trustmoore, Finnius, Zuidbroek and Amstone.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Currently, investment starts at a minimum of EUR 100K into our Carbon Equity investment vehicles. Normally, directly investing into the underlying funds can require an investment amount of EUR 1-5 million. By pooling commitments, Carbon Equity can drastically reduce this entry barrier, and make these funds much more accessible. Would you like to invest a lower amount? Let us know how your ideal investment product looks like!

Can I cash out my investment at anytime?

No, you cannot cash out your investment at any moment. A typical private market fund has a duration of 10 years. This means that your full commitment + investment return is repaid by the end of this period. Distributions can start around the 5th year of the fund depending on the performance of the portfolio companies, meaning that your commitment is not locked up for the full duration of the fund (see fund lifecycle explanation).

What is a master fund?

Carbon Equity sets up investment vehicles to pool the investments by our investor base and invest these in one or more Climate Venture Capital or Private Equity funds. These underlying funds are referred to as ‘Master Fund(s)’ in our documentation to differentiate from the Carbon Equity fund vehicles

What does "committed capital" refer to?

When you invest in a Carbon Equity fund, you commit a certain amount to the fund as your total investment. If this commitment is higher than the minimum ticket of EUR 100k, you do not need to transfer the full cash amount at the start of the fund. We will send periodic so called “capital calls” where we will request you to pay in typically between 10-25% of your total investment (“commitment”).

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