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We know which tech, tools and ideas are needed to beat climate change — from electrified industry and carbon capture technology to smart farming and planet-proof food. But most of these innovations lack the resources to reach the masses.

That’s where we come in.

Carbon Equity enables investors to build the world’s most impactful companies by bundling capital into first-class climate funds. We make it easier for a new generation of investors to make their money matter more and tap into the number one value creation opportunity.

By moving this capital at scale, we fuel the climate transition and direct money to a place where it’s needed the most. Our funding scales solutions and creates a virtuous cycle where positive impact and returns reinforce each other.

We enter a healthier and more equitable planet where people and nature thrive.

Become part of the solution and start doing good by investing better.

How we accomplish our mission

Unlocking private equity

Impact investing happens in private markets — startups and scaleups depend 100% on private capital to finance growth and product development. However, access to invest in these companies remained limited to a select group of wealthy, well-connected investors. Not anymore!

Limited access

Top climate tech founders normally choose to partner with the best private equity funds. These funds typically require a personal connection and high capital requirements (2-10mln), making them unreachable to everyday investors.

Becomes Access to the Masses

By bundling our investor's capital, we can collectively give more people access to high-impact climate funds, which means money directed to climate companies.

Selecting the best investment teams

We map and track top-tier climate funds globally based on our proprietary climate impact assessment and financial diligence. Before we offer you access to a fund, the investment must unanimously be approved by our (external and internal) Investment Committee.

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Funds sourced
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Putting investment teams to work for you

We give your capital the value-add of investments teams. They use their expertise to research, invest and manage your investment into highly vetted climate tech companies.


Let the experts within climate tech navigate the ecosystem to diligence and surface the best investment opportunities.


Highly-qualified investment teams do the negotiations to ensure you get a fair share of the companies.


Good teams don't just bring capital to the table. They work throughout the full length of the investment to provide expertise, network and reputation to help companies grow.

Meet the team

Jacqueline van den Ende

Founder & CEO
Jacqueline is the mother of all ideas and a great storyteller. At Carbon Equity she is responsible for building the team and getting our story out to the public.

Tim Molendijk

Founder & CTO
Hacker–founder. Internet enthusiast. Startup entrepreneur. Tim makes the internet and the internet makes him back, making him the perfect lead of our product development.

Lara Koole

Founder & CIO
High energy, high results. That pretty much sums up our queen of execution. Lara is responsible for all aspects of our Investing strategy, regulatory and operations.

Jeff Gomez

Founder & CPMO
Jeff is our very own master of product. He loves to dig deep on what makes our target customers move to be sure we are building products that our customers love.

Liza Rubinstein

Founder & Head of Impact
Liza is our own scientist. She personally safeguards that anything we do helps us meet our mission of moving the needle on climate change.

Wiebe Visser

Managing Director
Investor by profession, food technologist by heart. Wiebe is our internal investment advisor who gained his experience and skill during 5 years at J.P. Morgan and 10 years as principal at Alpinvest.

Carolina Echecopar

Investment Analyst
Carolina is a rockstar analyst. She dives deep into the intersection of climate impact and financial returns to ensure we offer the best climate investment products.

Michael Frieseke

Copy & Content
Michael is our in-house creative. He brings our ideas to life with the intention to inspire actions toward a more sustainable, inclusive and happy society.

Bas van Beijeren

Investment Manager
Bas survived six years of training at AlpInvest, bringing with him a wealth of experience in fund selection and a strong network. He now takes the wheel on our investing team.

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